Youth cultural workshops

Strengthening human-rights-oriented action

In our youth culture workshops we combine political education with youth cultures. That means, together with young people we DJ, spray, skate, produce buttons and much more.

Sprayerin an grüner Wand

We are convinced that we can promote democratic and human rights action with youth cultural approaches and creatively practiced youth cultures. Hip hop, rap, techno, punk, YouTube, parkour or skateboarding appeal to young people because they are oriented to their lifeworld. We take our workshops to youth clubs, schools, refugee shelters, festivals as well as inpatient youth welfare facilities.

Experiencing democratic values

At the same time, informal learning spaces can be created in breakdance, comic or YouTube workshops that promote emancipatory and critical awareness. But addressing social issues is also a central element of youth cultures. Values such as justice, diversity, solidarity or co-determination, which otherwise often remain abstract for young people, can be experienced practically in youth culture offerings. The experience of being able to participate culturally and politically oneself can also strengthen solidarity-based action and the assumption of responsibility.

Sustainable support for local youth work

Again and again we experience that we can sustainably support regional youth work with  exemplary measures of youth cultural work on current socio-political topics. Our participative offers for young people and their adult environment include workshops, project days, open spaces, future workshops, peer-to-peer trainings, social space inspections, situation assessments regarding inhuman attitudes and violence as well as resource analyses for the respective environment.

How a youth culture workshop can look like, you can see in this video.