Call of Prev

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Gaming workshops for schools and youth institutions

In the "Call of Prev" workshops, which last several days, young people can delve into various aspects of gaming. Modules in programming, character design and narrative design are available. Classic games sections are combined with common youth culture practices. For example, avatars can be designed and drawn in the graffiti workshop. Using the computer game "Adamara" designed in the project, young people gain new gaming experiences, get to know the game and exchange ideas about their own social experiences touched by the game. In the accompanying editor, they then become creative themselves. Gaming experts accompany the young people during their first steps and also take into account the different levels of prior knowledge of the young people.

Game Design Workshop

In this workshop, the young people can try their hand at game development and add their own quests to the Adamara game. The young people learn to create complex game worlds, to locate their avatars and quests in the mapping of the game, to link quest actions and to make decisions. As the youth play and create the game - and share their decisions - they also process their life experiences touched by it, which may be shaped by discriminatory or racist and/or sexist experiences and may include corresponding encounters with manipulative and recruiting actors.

Anita from Adamara

Character Design Workshop

In the character design workshop, young people will devote time to creating avatars. This workshop also explores the question of which characters are often found in computer games and what effect these characters and avatars have on the players. Which avatars would the young people like to see in computer games and what should they look like? In an artistic way, the young people approach the topics of social representation and inequalities in gaming and society.

Storytelling workshop

This workshop is about dialogue, interaction and relationship. One of the main elements of many games are the dialogues of the main characters. What language is chosen in the game and how are the participating players addressed? In this workshop, the young people themselves can choose the setting of their game and write the dialogues between the characters - and thus decide where the journey of their game goes. In the course of this, an exchange about human rights-oriented attitudes, but also about discriminatory language and social exclusion mechanisms emerges.

The workshops at a glance

What: Workshops lasting several days at schools (different types of schools from 8th grade) and in youth facilities

How: During school hours, in the afternoon or during vacations

Who: Young people between the ages of 14 and 27


  • Regular workshops in Berlin and Brandenburg

  • Nationwide school project days

  • Nationwide vacation workshops