Summer School 2023

Current demands on the prevention of right-wing extremism in the context of youth and educational work

After a three-year break due to the pandemic, the time had finally come again in June 2023: from June 5 to 9, a summer school took place in the old Zeitz pasta factory in Saxony-Anhalt. For five days, experts in social work, political education and prevention of right-wing extremism dealt intensively with current misanthropic phenomena, the challenges of social work in the context of right-wing extremism and various approaches and methods of prevention.

In 2023, the Summer School focused in particular on the changing requirements of right-wing extremism prevention in the field of youth (social) work: What does contemporary prevention look like with regard to current right-wing extremism? What are the mission and limitations of right-wing extremism prevention and what successful approaches can we learn from? We discussed these issues in specialist lectures, workshops, discussion rounds and workshops. Each day of the Summer School had its own theme and began with a specialist lecture on the focus of the day. From Tuesday to Thursday, parallel workshops offered in-depth insights into the topic of the day. After a joint lunch break, the topic was explored further in various workshops before the participants reflected on what they had heard and experienced in a workshop and applied it to their own work context.

Flipchart with the questions: What brought you here? What do you hope to gain from the Summer School? What would you like to contribute?
Photos: Dirk Lamprecht