Summer School 2023

Current demands on the prevention of right-wing extremism in the context of youth and educational work

After a three-year break due to the pandemic, the time has finally come again in 2023: From June 5 to 9, cultures interactive e.V. invites you to the old Zeitz noodle factory in Saxony-Anhalt for Summer School! Summer School - that means five days of educational festival with professional exchange, further education, networking and change of perspective.

In 2023, the Summer School will focus on the changing requirements of right-wing extremism prevention in the field of youth (social) work: What does contemporary prevention look like with regard to current right-wing extremism? What is the mission and the limits of right-wing extremism prevention, and what successful approaches can we learn from? From June 5 to 9, 2023, we would like to engage in an exchange with you on these questions in expert lectures, workshops, discussion rounds and workshops, and in the process learn from each other, discuss together, argue and, of course, have a good time. 

Each day of the Summer School will have its own theme and will begin in the morning with an expert lecture on the respective day's focus. From Tuesday to Thursday, parallel workshops will offer in-depth insights into the topic of the day. After a joint lunch break, the topic will be further elaborated in the workshops before the participants reflect on what they have heard and experienced in a workshop and can apply it to their own work context.

Program of the Summer School 2023

Educational festival for youth (social) work, prevention and political education

All interested educational professionals and multipliers from youth (social) work, youth cultural work, political education and prevention work are cordially invited to the Summer School. The event starts on Monday, June 5, 2023, around 1 pm, and ends on Friday, June 9, also at 1 pm. The venue is the old noodle factory in Zeitz, a sprawling industrial site of days gone by in the middle of the city, which has been carefully redeveloped for several years while preserving its industrial charm. With overnight accommodations, co-working space, community kitchens, several event and exhibition spaces, and a green outdoor area, it provides an exciting backdrop for Summer School 2023. The Zeitz noodle factory is located about 45 km south of Leipzig. There is an hourly connection by regional train from Leipzig to Zeitz, the travel time is about 40 minutes. From the train station in Zeitz, the noodle factory is a ten-minute walk away. Participants will be accommodated on site in shared rooms.

Costs and participation

Participation in the whole event is recommended, but it is also possible to participate only in single days without accommodation. The participation fee is 250 € or 200 € (reduced) per person for accommodation and full board for all who participate from Monday to Friday. If you participate for one day without overnight stay, we charge a participation fee of 50 € per person for meals.

Educational leave

We are trying to get the Summer School recognized as educational leave in Berlin, Brandenburg, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia.


On this page you can register for the Summer School.