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Deradicalisation in Europe and beyond

National projects

Call of Prev

Linking game culture and cross-phenomenal prevention work.
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EXchange Brandenburg

Mobile measures for prevention and deradicalization in prisons and probation.
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Fachstelle Rechtsextremismusprävention

Consulting, training and exchange for pedagogical professionals on the subject of right-wing extremism.
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Narrativ Group Work

Holistic political education at schools in rural and small-town areas.
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Counseling Center for those affected by conspiracy narratives in Saxony-Anhalt
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veritas – Civic Education

Certified further education on conspiracy narratives
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Women* in the focus of prevention work

Needs analysis and development of secondary prevention measures for girls* and young women* in the phenomena area of Islamic-based extremism and group hatred
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Past Projects

PONS! (2021/2022)

Intersection counseling for youth work in Berlin-Neukölln

Textbook for Counseling (2021/2022)

Development of a textbook for advisors in the field of environment and distancing work in religiously based extremism

veritas - Counseling Center in Berlin (2021/2022)

Counseling center for people affected by conspiracy narratives in Berlin

Junge, Junge*! (2019-2022)

Gender-specific youth work with boys*.
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RaFiK (2019-2022)

Radical, fundamentalist, different – professionals in contact with radicalization

In*Berlin (2018-2022)

Inclusive youth culture workshops in Berlin, Germany.
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BRaVE (2019-2021)

Building Resilience Against Violent Extremism and Polarisation

CHAMPIONs (2019-2021)

Cooperative Harmonized Action Model to stop Polarisation in Our Nations

Together we can! (2020)

Supporting democratic civil society in Ukraine through blogging.

Exit Europe (2019/2020)

Developing and identifying local exit and disengagement programs in Europe.

Guidance for Youth Welfare Offices (2019/2020)

Professional Orientations of Child and Youth Welfare Services for Working with Children and Adolescents from Familial Radicalized Environments.


Locally embedded Derad-Training for first-line-practitioners

CEE Prevent Net (2018-2020)

Central and Eastern European Network for the Prevention of Intolerance, Discrimination and Group Hatred

PHÄNO_Cultures (2018-2020)

Cross-phenomenon political (youth culture) education to strengthen human rights and democratic attitudes.

Fair*In (2016-2019)

Model project for gender-reflective prevention of racism and group-hatred

Spot on, Girls! (2016-2019)

A joint project of the music label Springstoff and cultures interactive, in which we worked with refugee and non-refugee Berliners on hip hop & skateboarding. 

DisTanZ (2015-2019)

Trainings for youth at risk of radicalisation and a locally based center for the prevention of radicalization

Strukturentwicklung (2015-2019)

Cultures Interactive was from 2015 to 2019 in the framework of the federal program "Demokratie leben!" a specialized agency for youth cultural education.
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European Network for Non-Violence and Dialogue (2016-2018)

European network for a non-violent and dialogue-oriented approach to value conflicts and for the promotion of exchange between civil society organizations.

CoCoRa (2015-2017)

Community Counteracting Radicalisation

European Fair Skills (2015-2017)

Exchanging good practice in strengthening community-embedded prevention of group-based enmity, hate crime and violent right-wing extremism.

Impact (2014-2017)

Development of an online platform to support the self-evaluation of prevention practitioners.
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In_Cultures (2014-2017)

A project for youth cultural inclusion of young people with and without disabilities.

Mixfaktor (2015/2016)

Testing of lifeworld-youth-cultural formats to strengthen human rights attitudes, questions of identity, and engagement with ideas of (in)equality.

Extreme Dialogue (2014-2016)

Builduing resilience to radicalisation through open-access educational resources

Hako_reJu goes University (2014/2015)

Additional qualification accompanying studies on dealing with right-wing extremist phenomena in various areas of social work and formal education.
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Unerhörte Geschichten (2013-2015)

Workshops and material development on historical-political education about collective violence and experiences of injustice.
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European Platform of Deradicalising Narratives (2013/2014)

Biographical-narrative and media-supported intensive pedagogical work with young radicalized people
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WomEx - Women and Gender in Extremism (2013/2014)

The EU-funded project WomEx examined gender roles, especially those of girls and young women in violent or extremist scenes.

HaKo_reJu (2011-2014)

Development of an action concept for working with right-wing youth in open youth work in rural areas in eastern Germany.
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SNK! (2012)

Students at a Berlin elementary school go on a search for clues about right-wing extremism and civic engagement in their district.
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NNK! BE RESPECT ED (2011/2012)

Youth cultural workshops and qualification of a peer-leading team that advocates for inter- and youth-cultural respectful coexistence .
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Fair Skills (2009-2012)

A course for young people that supports them in developing social, civic and professional skills in the transition from school to work.

KlassikClubCultures (2010)

Development of new methods of cultural and civic education

Kulturräume 2010 (2007-2010)

Initiation and monitoring of sustainable processes of youth cultural participation with the aim of promoting democratic and cultural diversity in different regions.

cultures of berlin (2008/2009)

cultures of berlin has empowered young people to help shape their own lifeworld.

Football united (2005-2008)

Against Discrimination and Violence on the Football Court
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