Intersection counseling for youth work

PONS! is a flexible and youth-oriented counseling service for children and young people in Berlin-Neukölln who are affected by discrimination, exclusion, bullying or violence. The mobile counseling aims to empower young people who are affected by attribution and affiliation conflicts. In addition, PONS! wants to strengthen an open exchange, which is critical towards discrimination, between children and young people with different experiences and sensitize them to anti-human messages and content. PONS! gets in touch with children and young people in the district through a lifeworld-oriented political education.

Mobile workshops for children and young people

In the work of cultures interactive e.V. with children and young people, it has been shown time and again that talking about one's own experiences is a central building block for the prevention of radicalization with regard to inhuman and violent attitudes. This is what cultures interactive e.V. is building on with PONS! Through mobile youth culture workshops, in which lifeworld-oriented political education and youth cultural practice are closely linked, initial, in-depth conversations with young people are created.

The mobile youth culture workshops initially take place weekly in various youth facilities in the district. Methods of gender-reflective as well as inclusive youth culture work are used, as well as principles of cross-phenomena political education and narrative conversation. Special attention is also paid to the need for gender-sensitive offerings. The mobile workshops offer space for an initial exchange, for example on issues related to gender, origin, living together, democracy and politics. At the same time, group dynamics can be observed and, in the best case, directly reflected upon. This results in starting points for further counseling sessions with children and young people.

Mobile counseling office in conjunction with youth work

Low-threshold individual counseling for children and young people from a cross-phenomenon perspective on experiences of racism, sexism, exclusion, bullying or violence has not yet been established in Berlin. In order to install such a service in the future in close cooperation with youth work, PONS! will conduct initial group discussions with various actors in 2021 and test short-term counseling sessions as needed. In a two-day workshop, the necessary service structures and methodological approaches of a mobile counseling office will be discussed together with youth workers.

Project duration

July 2021 to December 2021