Junge, Junge*!

Strengthening boys*' work in Berlin-Neukölln

Boys* are regularly confronted with gender-specific role models. They are often expected to show strength, to control their emotions, to assert themselves in groups and to appear dominant. There is often little room for weakness, insecurity, and a sensitive handling of emotions as well as one's own psychological or physical limitations. In recent years, a critical study of the demands of masculinity has been established in social science research and in the discourse of social pedagogy. Our project Junge, Junge*! centers around utilizing these concerns for gender-reflective social work in Neukölln and sensitize youth work actors in the district. In doing so, we also intend to pay attention to the interaction of different disadvantaging and privileging levels.


In various formats, boys* in Neukölln are encouraged to critically examine masculinity and gender roles. In doing so, approaches from gender-reflective violence prevention are also introduced. We additionally conduct several boys* action days in cooperation with the working group on boys* work in Neukölln.

Pooling resources

The already existant network of gender-reflective work with boys in Neukölln will be strengthened and expanded to include other appropriate actors. In addition, the youth center Kinderwelt am Feld is to be developed into a focal point of gender-reflective boys' work in the social space.


Working together, offers of gender-reflective youth cultural work for schools, recreational facilities and street social work will be designed and offered to colleagues and institutions in Neukölln.

Passing on knowledge

Employees in the field of youth (social) work and schools are qualified for gender-reflective work with boys in advanced training courses. In addition, we support them with professional advice and supervision. In cooperation with the Social Pedagogical Training Institute Berlin-Brandenburg (SFBB), we conduct the certified further training "discrimination-sensitive and gender-reflective work with boys*". Participants in this training are then used to form advisory teams for boys*' work in Neukölln. In addition, we hold various regional professional days and publish a project-related handout for colleagues in Neukölln and beyond.

Cooperation partners

• AG Geschlechterreflektierte Jungen*arbeit Neukölln
Jugendamt Neukölln
• Netzwerk gegen Trans- und Homophobie in Neukölln
Sozialpädagogisches Fortbildungsinstitut Berlin-Brandenburg (SFBB)
Schulpsychologisches und Inklusionspädagogisches Beratungs-
  und Unterstützungszentrum Neukölln (SIBUZ)

• Berliner Fachrunde Jungen*arbeit