Innovative method and procedure to asses counter-violent-radicalisation techniques in Europe

IMPACT Europe is a Seventh Framework Programme EU research project aiming to fill the gap in knowledge and understanding of what works in tackling violent radicalisation. Specifically, IMPACT Europe aims to help front-line workers, policy-makers, and other parties operating in the field of counter and prevent violent radicalisation to answer three questions, namely:

  1. How effective are different programmes at tackling violent radicalisation?
  2. How to evaluate these programmes?
  3. What is promising practice in tackling violent radicalisation and by which criteria and methods can they be assessed?

Database on radicalisation factors and existing counter violent interventions

Towards this end, IMPACT Europe is developing an evaluation toolkit that draws on a state-of-the-art knowledge database on radicalisation factors, existing counter violent radicalisation interventions, and approaches to evaluating these interventions. Making the database easily accessible to a wide range of public and voluntary sector users, the toolkit is ultimately geared at encouraging practitioners to properly evaluate their counter violent radicalisation activities and to build promising practices into the design of any future interventions.

Upon its release in 2016, the evaluation toolkit will be composed of three elements:

  • Methodology Guidance on evaluation methodology, to provide professionals with a tool to conduct robust evaluations
  • Database An evaluation results database, to allow professionals to identify promising practice and develop a more informed understanding of violent radicalisation
  • Training course & manual A training course (including a train-the-trainer component) and a training manual, to build professionals’ capacity to use the toolkit in designing and conducting evaluations

Cultures Interactive is contributing both its research and its end-user expertise, in particular the European Fair Skills Self-Evaluation Tool which CI developed from its practice research both in the Radicalisation Awareness Network and in other practice areas and employs in the European Fair Skills project (ISEC/DG Home) in Eastern Europe.


2014 - 2017