Trainings and qualifications

Training for professionals

Cultures Interactive offers further education for professionals from schools, universities, administration, youth and social work. All educational measures are developed within the framework of our project work and pass on our practical experience. We coordinate format, duration and content with you and your institution according to your needs. Individual modules can be varied and combined. In order to ensure the highest possible involvement of all participants, we always carry out educational measures in a process-oriented manner.

Our trainers

In our educational work, we rely on a team of trainers with many years of experience. They are themselves active in our various prevention projects as youth cultural workshop leaders, political educators and employees or belong to our work networks. They have all acquired special knowledge in practical educational and counseling work and have competencies in specific areas.

Further education in youth culture work

Youth cultures speak directly to young people and their interests, because they are an essential part of their life reality. In our trainings we present the youth culture approach developed by Cultures Interactive e.V. and show how youth culture work can be designed inclusively.

Misanthropy and right-wing extremism

We offer four different educational modules on dealing with discrimination, misanthropic and extreme right-wing behavior, gender-reflective prevention work, and cross-phenomena radicalization prevention.

Qualifications for practice

In a training course lasting several days, we train professionals to deal responsibly with right-wing extremist youth or youth at risk. In another training course, we teach the youth culture approach to preventing group-based hostility towards people.