After a three-year break due to the pandemic, we are finally back this year: From June 5 to 9, we invite you to the old Nudelfabrik Zeitz in Saxony-Anhalt for Summer School! Summer School - that means five days of educational festival with professional exchange, further education, networking and change of perspective.


The so-called political neutrality requirement regularly leads to uncertainty in school and non-school education: What does this requirement mean for dealing with discriminatory and misanthropic statements? On what legal basis can schools even conduct a project day against right-wing extremism? And how can political education work deal with parties that contradict its own objectives? Can they simply be disinvited from events?

What are the basics and methodological guidelines of distancing work? Which approaches have proven successful in pedagogical practice? And where are there still needs for further development of pedagogical interventions? The specialist unit for the prevention of right-wing extremism at cultures interactive has just published four brochures (in german) on this topic. Various authors present the basics and methodological guidelines of distancing work, explain what is important in program design, describe approaches and examples from practice, and show where there is still a need for further development.

Social workers and adult educators are regularly confronted with conspiracy narratives in their work. In order to support them in dealing with these narratives, the veritas counseling center is again offering a certification course for educational professionals starting in September. In seven consecutive modules, participants will learn about the history of conspiracy narratives, their psychological impact, and links to right-wing extremism and anti-Semitism as well as disinformation.