Qualification and support for youth cultural work

In order to disseminate and anchor civic youth culture work, we train suitable multipliers, especially from youth cultures, in train-the-trainer qualifications or provide them with professional support. In order to further establish regionally deployable teams in southern, eastern and northern Germany, we cooperate with youth associations and initiatives and support them in anchoring new offerings for strengthening democracy and human rights education for their target groups in the respective structures.

Across Germany, we train teams for prevention programs in schools and youth facilities. At the core of the training are methods that teach the skills of critical reflection and human rights attitudes in youth cultures.

In practical exercises, we practice techniques of an open-process-oriented approach in order to be able to address the resources available in the respective groups, but also attitudes of group-related misanthropy. Our basis is always a critical-turned-attitude, which is supported by mutual interest, teamwork, human rights-oriented empowerment and confrontational elements. Methodologically, we work on the basis of a basic manual for group work with young people, on which further method manuals for various main topics of youth cultural work are based. These include flight, gender, inclusion and racism.