Summer School 2018

Youth cultural work for human rights and democracy

Education and youth culture festival at Walchensee in Bavaria

In 2018, Cultures interactive e.V., in cooperation with the German Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung (bpb) and the Bezirksjugendring Oberbayern organized for the first time a Summer School in the format of an educational and youth culture festival for professionals, multipliers, interested people from youth (cultural) work and political education.

At the Summer School, together with actors from all over Germany and Austria, we addressed current challenges in youth work in the context of strengthening democracy and diversity. In particular, we presented youth-cultural and media-pedagogical approaches to prevention in relation to group-hatred, right-wing extremism and religiously based extremism. In addition to concrete - among others cross-phenomenon - practical approaches, questions of quality assurance and effective networking of youth cultural work for human rights and democracy were also discussed.

The Summer School took place in a camp at Walchensee in the foothills of the Alps south of Munich. At this unique location we took time for mutual acquaintance, exchange and networking. In addition to numerous workshops there were evening events, childcare, outdoor activities, campfire romance and, of course, the lake right next to the camp.


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