cultures interactive e.V. is on the road with a new project in Berlin-Neukölln: PONS! offers flexible and youth-oriented counseling for children and young people who are affected by discrimination, exclusion, bullying or violence. The mobile counseling service aims to empower young people who are affected by attribution and affiliation conflicts.

The BRaVE Fair aims to bring together European prevention projects working for diversity and democracy in the fields of arts and sports. This event offers projects the opportunity to share their experiences, present and discuss their work. The Fair wants to support projects, build new networks and give them the opportunity to go into direct exchange and find inspiration for their own work based on best-practice projects. For European projects working in the field of youth prevention and deradicalization, accommodation and travel costs can be covered by BRaVE.

From 8 April to 6 May we'll explore current topics of project work on prevention and resilience taking place in Europe across five modules on Thursdays for five weeks in a row.
In each module, international experts, researchers and practitioners share their knowledge with participants and encourage them to exchange ideas. Participants then have the opportunity to deepen their discussions and build new networks across Europe.

Many projects in Europe engage in building resilience in their communities and work against extremist tendencies and polarisation in our society. Within the framework of BRaVE, we want to support projects to exchange and network across Europe, to learn from each other and to support their work with expertise.

From 26th to 29th of April 2021, the ‚European Conference on Preventing Polarisation & Violent Radicalisation: How to Strengthen Resilience‘ will take place online. In workshops, lectures and panel discussions we aim for a european-wide exchange on current phenomena of radicalization and polarization as well as to shed light on various possibilities to strengthen resilience in our communities.

Exit helpers do important and indispensable work. They need the support of all of us, as well as infrastructure and stability of working conditions. Furthermore is an unambiguous support for effective and humane crime prevention and exit work needed, as well as for youth and educational work that creates resilience both inside and outside schools.
But any hasty interconnection of social work and security agencies would be detrimental to exit work, as Harald Weilnboeck argues in this position statement.

Which project should receive the people's choice award? Until 15th of november you can vote for your three favourite projects.

The CEE Prevent Net project has compiled a compendium of good practices for preventing discrimination, group hatred and right-wing extremism. Some of these methods have already been proven and tested in partner countries as part of the project’s international transfer.