National projects


Trainings for youth at risk of radicalisation and a locally based center for the prevention of radicalization.
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Call of Prev

Linking game culture and cross-phenomenal prevention work.
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EXchange Brandenburg

Mobile measures for prevention and deradicalization in prisons and probation.
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Inclusive youth culture workshops in Berlin, Germany.
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Junge*, Junge*!

Logo Junge*, Junge*!

Gender-specific youth work with boys*.
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Fachstelle Rechtsextremismusprävention

Consulting, training and exchange for pedagogical professionals on the subject of right-wing extremism.
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Narrativ Group Work

Civic education at schools in rural and small-town areas.
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Orientierungshilfe für Jugendämter zu Kindeswohl im Kontext (islamistisch) radikalisierter Familien

Guidance for Youth Welfare Offices on Child Welfare in the Context of (Islamist) Radicalized Families.
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Cross-phenomenal political (youth culture) education to strengthen human rights and democratic attitudes.
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Radical, fundamentalist, different - professionals in contact (RaFiK)
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Counseling for victims of conspiracy narratives
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