Gender-based prevention of racism and group-focused enmity

The governmental model project Fair*in, launched in 2016, aims to prevent ethnically polarizing as well as sexist-homophobic and transphobic attitudes and other forms of group based resentment and group hatred among young people – and their immediate adult context in education and youth work. Therefore, Cultures Interactive (CI) develops new formats of civic education, youth culture education and community-embedded prevention, in order to test them in two core regions in East-German Brandenburg and West-German Lower Saxony. One emphasis of these new formats is the work in settings of direct encounter between young refugees and local youth.

The young people are reached through schools with “integration classes” (for refugees), open youth work facilities and (youth) refugee shelters. Direct links to the curricula of the schools are generally given in the subjects of history, social studies, civic education, life / ethics / religion. In addition, CI provides advice to the local community and offers modular training courses for employees in schools and youth centres on how to tackle racist and/or gender-stereotyping patterns in behaviour, thinking and affect. As bridge-building measures for different actors in the municipalities, the project employs moderated roundtables.

Furthermore, a manual of methods for implementing gender-based prevention of racism and group-focused enmity (“GMF”) including the topics of human rights and asylum will be developed. Fair*In bases its one day school conferencing events on these methods, providing pedagogical exercises and civic education which are specifically adapted to the needs of the young participants. On the same subject, long-term “safe spaces” dialogue groups in schools and impulse workshops are tested in settings of open youth work. After evaluation, the developed formats may be applied to other regions in Germany and Europe.