Trainings for youth at risk and a center for the prevention of radicalization

Radicalization does not take place suddenly, but is a process influenced by personal needs, curiosity, the search for meaning and effectiveness, the environment as well as opportunity structures (e.g. local right-wing extremist cliques of interest to youth culture). When adolescents begin to turn to right-wing extremism, this often becomes visible to the outside world. Through derogatory statements, destructive-political clothing brands and symbols, withdrawal from certain group and leisure contexts, and new "friends" from right-wing extremist cliques.

Until now, there have been no specific offers for this target group, which is generally underage and has not yet become a criminal offender. There is also a lack of coordinated consultation between those institutions that notice changes that indicate a risk of radicalization. Actors from youth work, school social work, family support, in-patient youth facilities, etc. often act as lone fighters in the prevention of right-wing extremism without a specific mandate or resources, including forms of attitudes characterized by hatred and contempt for humanity.

Reflecting on ideologies and political ideas to enable alternatives

At an early stage of turning to right-wing extremism and inhuman attitudes, however, there is still a good chance to appeal to young people. In a space characterized by respect and trust, they are given the opportunity to reflect on ideologies, political ideas, their own reality and everyday forms of interaction and to develop alternatives for self-expression, meaningful life and personality development.

DisTanZ also formed an interface between young people, institutions and the young people's personal reference system. This strengthend the confidence of all those involved and promotes mutual interaction at eye level.

Project duration

2015 - 2019


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