This is what matters! Youth work for human rights and democracy

If you want to work effectively with young people on democratic attitudes, you have to pick them up in their lifeworld. Youth cultures are particularly suitable as door-openers for achieving effects with adolescents from different milieus through a political education oriented to their lifeworld. Youth cultural activities can create informal learning spaces that promote emancipatory and critical awareness as well as the examination of social issues. At the same time, youth culture work can teach young people how their personal interests are linked to their broader social environment. In addition, youth cultural offers make human rights-oriented and democratic values such as justice, diversity and solidarity tangible, which can make young people resistant to ideologies of inequality.

How inhuman and anti-democratic attitudes can be prevented, what the basic principles of prevention are and what potential human rights-oriented youth culture work can have for prevention, we show in our brochure This is what matters! Youth Work for Human Rights and Democracy. The brochure has just been published in english and can be downloaded here.

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