Legal expertise for political education and prevention of right-wing extremism

The so-called political neutrality requirement regularly leads to uncertainty in school and non-school education: What does this requirement mean for dealing with discriminatory and misanthropic statements? On what legal basis can schools even conduct a project day against right-wing extremism? And how can political education work deal with parties that contradict its own objectives? Can they simply be disinvited from events?

Legal foundations of dissociation and exit work

These and other questions have increasingly preoccupied prevention and youth work organizations in recent years. In order to strengthen the certainty of action in practice, cultures interactive e.V. has commissioned the lawyer Leon A. Brandt from SOCLES to prepare a legal expertise that deals in detail with the constitutional foundations of the political neutrality requirement. One focus of the expertise is on distancing and exit work with right-wing extremist young people in the school context as well as in child and youth welfare. Brandt explains, for example, on what legal basis pedagogical professionals can come into trusting contact with minors who express inhuman and anti-democratic attitudes, and when the consent of their legal guardians is required. In addition, for the first time, the expertise takes an in-depth look at the special data protection requirements that apply to prevention and dissociation work with children and young people.

You can download the legal expertise as a PDF (in german).

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