Jamal al Khatib – my path: Videos and educational material now available in english

„I want to write a book to prevent other young people from going to Syria and joining the so-called Islamic State!“ These were the words of a young man in prison who was mentored by a social worker from the Jamal al-Khatib project team. Once part of the jihadi scene in Austria, he wanted to prevent other young people from repeating the mistakes he had made. This initiative gave rise to the web video project ‚Jamal al-Khatib – Mein Weg!‘ in 2017.

Other formers, as well as young people who had shown resilience to jihadist narratives during the "high phase" of the so-called Islamic State joined the team. The initial project team of social workers and Islamic scholars was joined by experts from different fields such as political science, sociology, psychology, psychotherapy, educational science, filmmaking, digital content management and more.

In 2020, Jamal al Khatib won the BRaVE Award. The Austrian association has used the prize money to shoot new videos and translate older videos into English. You can find the english videos and the accompanying pedagogical material here.

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