BRaVE Academy: Learn, Exchange & Network

Across five modules on Thursdays for five weeks in a row, we'll explore current topics of project work on prevention and resilience taking place in Europe. In each module, international experts, researchers and practitioners share their knowledge with participants and encourage them to exchange ideas. Participants then have the opportunity to deepen their discussions and build new networks across Europe.

Many projects in Europe engage in building resilience in their communities and work against extremist tendencies and polarisation in our society. Within the framework of BRaVE, we want to support projects to exchange and network across Europe, to learn from each other and to support their work with expertise.


8 April 2021 | Advocacy: Developing online and offline campaigns and advocacy approaches within projects.
15 April 2021 | Gender and At-Risk Communities: Working with different gender identities, minority and at risk communities.
22 April 2021 | Online work: Developing and running online resilience and counter-extremism projects.
29 April 2021 | Sports: Detailing the links between sport and extremism and how to use sport as a response.
6 May 2021 | The Arts: Building resilience through arts-based approaches in interfaith and intercultural projects.

A detailed description of the modules and the possibility to register can be found on the project page.

We look forward to welcoming you to the BRaVE Academy!

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