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cultures interactive e.V./Harald Weilnböck
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  International Dissemination ID National and International Dissemination Activities CI since 2015
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2016 Baer, Silke OSCE-Conference 2016 in Berlin Discussion Input by Silke Baer
„The Role of Youth in Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism and Radicalisation that leads to Terrorism/VERLT“
PDF, 280 KB
2016 Baer, Silke OSCE-Conference 2016 in Berlin Intervention by Silke Baer „Preventing and Countering VERLT among Young Women“
PDF, 277 KB
2015 Weilnböck, Harald Responding to violent extremism needs more investment in human resources/ practitioners, less in videos and internets
PDF, 88 KB
2015 Weilnböck, Harald Short Notice: Counter narratives don’t work – it is proven
PDF, 88 KB
2015 Weilnböck, Harald Confronting the counter-narrative ideology. Embedded face-to-face
prevention – and youth (media) work
PDF, 238 KB
2015 cultures interactive e.V. Aspects of gender in right wing extremism and religious fundamentalism Guidelines for specific sectors of prevention and intervention
PDF, 3,9 MB
2015 cultures interactive e.V. Gender-Reflective Prevention and Intervention Concepts for Dealing with Right-Wing Extremism, Group-Focused Enmity and Militant Religious Fundamentalism
PDF, 527 KB
2015 Weilnböck, Harald “Its lobbying, stupid!” – the industrialization of PVE as ‘added damage’ through increase of funding
PDF, 200 KB
2015 Saleh, Ola Gender Pragmatism in Extremism
PDF, 163 KB
2015 Weilnböck, Harald How the World Teaches Europe what Gender Means -- Women/ Gender in Violent Extremism & Prevention in a Global Perspective
PDF, 183 KB
2015 Weilnböck, Harald Mitigating the Challenges of “Industrialisation” in the Prevention of
Violent Extremism
PDF, 77 KB
2015 Weilnböck, Harald RAN Derad Declaration of Good Practice – Principles of Sustainable Interventions in Disengagement and Rehabilitation (Deradicalisation) from Involvement in Violent Extremism and Group Hatred
PDF, 196 KB
2015 Weilnböck, Harald Why are we still messing it up? A new Marshall Plan for preventing violent extremism – youth work, gender, mental health
PDF, 119 KB
2015 Weilnböck, Harald RAN thematic event, foreign fighters, 2015 – challenge statements
PDF, 67 KB
2015 Weilnböck, Harald How can we do without criminalizing travel (to Syria) or ideology? – change our CVE-paradigm, and bring security and prevention policy together
PDF, 60 KB
2014 Weilnböck, Harald Thoughts about limits and possibilities of a focus video for media-based interventions of preventing violent extremism in Germany – synergies/ differences between the Counter Narrative Project (CNP London) and the European Deradicalising Narratives Project (EDNA, Berlin)
PDF, 160 KB
2014 Weilnböck, Harald Why should deradicalisation and prevention interventions be attentive to gender issues? Manuscript
PDF, 265 KB
2014 Weilnböck, Harald The WomEx Good Practice approach within RAN – at Cultures Interactive, Berlin. Manuscript.
PDF, 214 KB
2013 Weilnböck, Harald Deradicalising Narratives within the RAN approach – what can and what cannot be done in media based interventions. Manuscript.
PDF, 293 KB
2013 Weilnböck, Harald The Narrative Principle: Good Practice in Anti-Hate Crime Interventions, within the Radicalisation Awareness Network.
PDF, 264 KB
2013 Weilnböck, Harald Do we really need “counter narratives”? And what would that be anyway? – The narrative approach to audio-visual media in deradicalisation and prevention of violent extremism and hate crime, PART A. Manuscript.
PDF, 243 KB
2013 RAN Working group DERAD Recommendations for ministerial high level conference in Brussels 2013 (draft).
PDF, 178 KB
2012 Weilnböck, Harald; Baer, Silke Hate Crime Prevention and Deradicalisation in Environments Vulnerable to Extremism: Community Work with a Fair Skills Approach and We-Amongst-Ourselves Group.
PDF, 295 KB
2012 Weilnböck, Harald; Baer, Silke (Civic-) education in times of extremism – Lifeworld-narrative group-work and the "culture" factor: Two model projects – and accompanying qualitative EU best practice research.
PDF, 928 KB
2011 Weilnböck, Harald Violence Prevention Network & Cultures Interactive: EU good-practice research on de-radicalisation work in and community – and the factor of culture.
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Weilnböck, Harald (2013): Empirical practice research on methods and approaches to prevention and deradicalisation, Berlin/ RAN Brussels.
PDF, 1,41 MB

Weilnböck, Harald (2013): Do we really need “counter narratives”? – And what is a “narrative” anyway?
Current challenges and mis-/understandings about “deradicalisation” through the internet and media, Berlin/ RAN Brussels.
PDF, 411 KB